Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Week Away

Today was amazing! We are only one week before closing and the house is well on it's way. Paul, our contractor, has done an amazing job and we are excited about the house and cannot wait. While we are very appreciative of our friends Jacque and Terry for renting their home to us, it was a godsend being just four doors down, but man we are ready to be in our own house. We have been in flux for the last 12 months and it will be good to be settled.

Here is what has been done.
  • Completed the outdoor lights
  • Finished the wood floors
  • Put down the floor boards
  • Many of the lights have been installed
  • The appliances are in
  • Fixtures have been installed
  • A list of punch items have been done
This week, the appliances, carpet, landscaping and other things will be either completed or started. It is amazing how well this is going. Our closing is next week and we are ready to go. The pictures of the house really say more than any words can.

Master bath detail

Living Room

The stairs

Kitchen and living


Bathroom fixtures

Master shower

View from the front yard

Handmade craftsman exterior lights

Living room floors

Living room with wall detail

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Brenda said...

Looks great. Do you move this Wednesday or next Wed.