Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Holidays

We are now out of most of our boxes and have gotten very comfortable in the new house. We had a ton of people over (more than 50) for the Tech v. OU game and the party was great, the game, not so great. We won't be spending all the holidays at the house but we will be there most of the time. It has been great having people over, getting things put away and figuring out what all the light switches do and where they are.

One bummer note, the wood for the mantle cracked so we might not have a piece of Ike after all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Would we do this again??

Now that we are out of the middle of it...the answer would probably have to be...yes! If you asked me 2 months ago - no way! (would have been more like it.) I hated all the decisions that you have to make but there is one thing that I would have liked to have put more thought in to...where the light switches went. Although, on some of the placements we didn't really have a lot of choices because we put in A LOT of pocket doors. Did I mention? I love pocket doors! Bo hates pocket doors - but I won that argument... We leave the doors open all the time anyway, why not have the extra space, right?!?

Anyway, we closed on the final loan yesterday and I think that it finally feels like it's ours. Yeah!

Still a few more things that need to be done/fixed:

-ice maker is broken
-scratches on a couple of doors
-alarm sensor on the windows upstairs
-weather stripping on the back door
-a little paint touch up
-restrictor in the guest bath shower - brrrrrr!
-unpack the rest of my boxes and hang stuff on the walls!

I'm still a little timid about putting nails into my new walls. I'll get over that soon, I'm sure. And, unfortunately, my stupid dog already broke in the carpet in the gameroom AND the guestroom. Yes, she is a stupid dog but we love her.

I'm sure that this won't be the LAST post but it may be awhile before we post again.

Tata for now!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Settled :: Our New House

Well, I have some wimpy pictures but we are settling in nicely. Here are the list of biggest surprises.
  • The house is quiet
  • The kids are fighting less
  • We are pretty much unpacked other than wall hangings
  • We act like we've lived here forever
  • Most everything is done
  • The extra space is amazing
I'm sure there is more to come. Here are some pictures.

Little one's room

Living and built ins

Kitchen and dining

Living to the kitchen

Our cool bathroom