Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If you change your moving date, expect someone to screw up! We moved our moving date from last Thursday to this Wednesday. I spent about 6 hours on the phone last week with all the utilities, movers, etc. get that dates set up and things changed over. Then I had to spend another 2 hours again after the date got changed, telling everyone the new date but of course 2 things got messed up. They turned off the Gas and our DSL on Friday. Internet is no biggie because Bo has a card so we can get on the internet. Gas, on the other hand, is a BIGGIE!

Saturday morning I'm trying to get in the shower before leaving to go watch our Red Raiders whoop up on the Aggies and all I get is cold water. Of course, the first thing I do is yell at Bo, "DID YOU USE ALL THE HOT WATER?" The answer was, "No, my shower was luke warm." Then we figured out that they must have turned it off sometime on Friday - ugh! So I called on our fellow Red Raiders down the street and they came through for me and we all bathed over there on Saturday - I actually took 2 showers over there on Saturday. Thanks - Hank and Jenn!

Since then we have been showering at the new house, which is sooo cool - literally. There is a limiter thing on the shower heads which won't let the water get too hot. In my opinion, it doesn't get hot at all. They are supposed to be fixing that but they have yet to do it. Today I hope!

And, they are supposed to be taking the port-a-potty away today and then we'll post a final picture of the house! WAHOO!!!!

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