Friday, March 28, 2008

Time is flying!

It absolutely blows me away that just a little over 3 weeks ago we were tearing the house down and now we have a new slab. Wow - this process has gone fast. The builder has warned though "Just wait, things will slow down once we get inside." I have been warned... ;-)

Anyway, an update on the tree - we have been able to save the big tree up to this point. We are getting it and another tree trimmed next week (just to be certain that they don't end up inside one of the upstairs rooms.) They are also going to fertilize it, to give it some extra oomph for all the trauma it has received through digging for the piers, plumbing and electrical. Poor tree!

Now, we need to get with a designer to start picking all the finishes and such. Boy, there are A LOT of decisions to be made. Shhhhhhh - Don't tell anyone, but I've lived in this 50+ year old house for the past 10 years with most everything "original" so I will probably go with whatever the designer tells me - within reason, of course!

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