Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And it rains...

So, the piers are supposed to be poured this week but, you guessed it, rain. Even though we are not even a full week into this, seeing the equipment just sitting there is driving me crazy. We're in for a fun time if I am already feeling that way. There is a little bit of anxiousness in all of this but we are happy with the process so far. Oh, BTW, did I mention the little thing about paying off a home equity loan... never mind.

We are finally getting settled into the rental house and life goes on. I am having surgery on the knee this week so that will be interesting trying to hobble up and down the street to see construction for the next month but I bet I can get Heather to pull me in the wagon for a couple weeks while I recoup. I guess I can beat up the contractor with my crutches if he gets out of line (kidding Paul). Later.

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