Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away...

... Come Again in November!

The funny thing about construction is one day of rain can cause a weeks worth of delays. Today, it rained. We'll see tomorrow whether or not it caused a delay, it was only heavy rain for an hour. They had covered the site in plastic. They're supposed to pour the grade beams on Thursday. Since we have a commercial grade slab the pouring process takes a number of steps. A couple things I've noticed.
  1. To begin building the house during the spring is more stressful.
  2. The house looks smaller than it is with the frame of the slab only.
  3. Paranoia sets in when you start to see plumbing go underground.
  4. Getting around a construction site on crutches is a pain.
I am starting to freak out about where the outdoor bibs are and such. Doesn't really matter right now but this is where I start worrying about the details. We'll get some new pictures up here soon.

I have to thank my cool wife for taking care of me after the surgery. Also have to thank my neighbors for being so cool. Being out on the driveway with them makes the decision to build this house even better.

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