Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Process So Far

Well folks, as stated in the prior post, we're tearing the house down. To this point we have completed the design, exterior, engineering and electrical. We've learned a ton of things including the following:
  • Not everything fits on the foundation, if you try it'll cost you
  • My wife had to have a mud room and her own desk
  • We approve almost everything, we're easy customers
  • Some insurance companies won't insure a house that is less than 51% brick or stone
  • Once a home equity, always a home equity, you can't pay off a home equity with a construction loan, that's a big one
  • Demo work is fun
  • 50 year old plate glass windows are hard to break with a baseball
We'll come up with more as we go but to this point, the fights have been few and pretty minor. But we still have the interior finishes to pick.

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