Monday, April 21, 2008


So, it has been a bit since we've posted some thoughts but it is amazing what a week will do when there is no rain. The house is a little ahead of schedule and we should have windows in a week or two. I would post some images but I can't find the cable and everyone is sleeping. The house really is amazing, we are getting very excited. Too bad we won't be done until September or October! The following has happened:
  • The entire roof is framed in
  • We have spoken with At Home Media about home automation and distributed audio
  • The walls are close to complete
  • The windows have been submitted for construction
  • The porch is taking shape
  • We have begun to pick the stone (expensive!)
  • We have STEPS to the second floor
  • We underestimated how tall this house is, whoa!
We're having fun, more about what's going on later and I will put up a new image gallery this week but this thing is flying. It was cool to see the kids move around upstairs and see their rooms.

It was cool for me to talk about the wiring and audio system! We will have speakers on the front porch. Cool!

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