Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Holy Cow a Frame!

The past few days have been amazing. The entire first floor is complete and they were prepping for the second floor late this afternoon with the trusses. We are so excited. You can see the rooms and about how big things are. The house is so much bigger than what we have but it seems so small in this stage with no sheetrock or enclosures. We can see how big the great room is and we know how small the playroom is.

BTW, we designed the playroom to make sure that the kids could have fun, do homework and watch TV in it but it is not a room that would be comfortable for more than 3 or 4. The idea being, if we get that many kids in the house and it is a nice day, they would be more comfortable outside... see the thinking... what about that! Hope it works.

Another hot topic... pocket doors. Other than a few childhood hang ups, I am over my hatred of pocket doors and I have come to agree with my wife, swinging doors waste space. I just hate the rolling thud they make but oh, well! We are having pocket doors where they can fit!

And one more thing, the foundation guys were great, the framing guys are a bit more "interesting" so we are steering clear.

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