Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the Lights Go On - 15 days later!!!

Well, the army of line trucks showed up in the neighborhood today and we just got power tonight – boy did we need it. I think there were some neighbors that might have gone crazy. Again, amazing neighborhood, we cooked out with about 50 of our neighbors and their kids tonight. We had a blast and watched the power come on, it was outstanding. Now we have to take pieces of a 60ft tree out of our backyard and the big thing is they can run the A/C to dry out the wood floors. The A/C needs to run in this climate for 4 days before you can seal wood floors. Pretty interesting. They look amazing so we'll see how that goes! We have hopes to close on the 15th now but we shall see, it will be close.

On a side not, I had a discussion with the neighbor behind us. It looks like we are going to capture that land sooner rather than later. He is a very nice man and willing to work with us on financing so our yard just might get bigger, sooner!

The piece of tree that landed in the back yard of our new house. They are taking the rest of the tree down tomorrow morning, it is unsafe to sleep in our neighbors house since there is a giant piece of tree leaning over it!

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