Friday, August 22, 2008

God is watching out for us!

Whew! This is one of those - "Thank the Lord" situations. The kids and I had gone to the carpet place and spent about 2 hours there. With 3 kids it was a little insane, to say the least, but I was so impressed with the sales lady. She was so patient and never once got upset when they were playing hide and seek amongst the racks. :-) I left there with 3 sample boards (ready to ring necks and pull my hair out!). But very pleased with our choices.

We mulled over the decision for a day or so. I never knew that there were that many shades of brown to contemplate. Anyway, we finally settled on a frize style carpet in "Dry Tortuga." Sounds gross but it really is a nice shade of brown. Our builder called and called and called the carpet salesperson wanting to order the carpet. He finally went over to their location after he never got a return phone call and discovered that they went out of business - ugh!!

Thank goodness we did not pay for our carpet, only to have them run out on us. We consider this a huge saving grace!!!

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