Friday, August 15, 2008

Front door and garage door

We have a front door and a garage door. They are both amazing. They are both very much in line with the "craftsman" style. I'll post pics later. It's kind of weird to finally see it with a front door and a garage door (when they are closed). I guess that means that this is really going to happen. We have a lot to coordinate in the next few weeks...the transfer of utilities, lining up movers, closing on the final loan, the actual moving, etc., etc., etc. I hate the actual moving part so I have to say I really hope that this will be the last time we move - EVER!!! It had been 10 years since we moved and then to do it twice in the past 7 months-ugh! I feel really bad for all those people that have to do it ALL the time. They must be gluttons for punishment.

How ironic is this? The day after our cool, new garage door was installed at the new house our garage door broke at the rental house. GRRRRRRR! The cable just snapped. I'm sure that's probably because that cable is as old as the house, say, oh, maybe 55+ years old. So I guess when you look at it that way-wow-it lasted a really long time. I'm just glad none of us were home when it snapped. I've heard horror stories about people getting hit by the spring and sustaining major bodily damage.

More later on the tile and cabinets...

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