Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tile and Various Other Things

Bath tile with detailing

We're really excited about the tile and selections we are making. Color, texture and form are all coming together and I am psyched. For the first time today we put together paint, tile and accents and it looked amazing.

The girls shower with inset.

We are using simple tile upstairs and using a lot of slate downstairs. We like the textures and the character of the slate. Heather had a great idea to do an accent of small, smooth river rocks in our bathroom floor and on our shower floor. It is only a detail through the bathroom but the entire floor in the master are nice, smooth stones. Foot massage every day! We had our honeymoon at the Devil's River here in Texas so it brings in a little of that for us. Pretty cool. Heather and Paul worked pretty hard to find the right slate to match everything so thanks Bean!

River rock and slate with the paint chip.

The kids are excited and we are excited for our littlest one to have her own room. Sleeping with creepy Elmo looking at you every night and the scary Darth Vader mask make for one antsy child. We're hanging in there however.

Crown molding and trim

Exterior over the porch and front door.

I think the garage door is supposed to be there in the morning, can't wait to see that!

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