Monday, July 21, 2008

Patience, Patience

A number of things have happened in the month since I've last posted. We are cranking away to make decisions but man the house looks good.
  • There's texture on the walls
  • 6" makes all the difference in the world
  • The doors are in (mostly)
  • We have gotten into one fight over silly things
  • The stone broke the seal on the front windows so they had to redo it
  • We can't get our contractor to write anything down (he's doing a great job)
  • The house is painted outside
  • The porch looks really cool, we just need the deck
  • We have lost all of our cushion and we're about a week late now
  • We are aiming at the end of September
  • We are thinking October now
  • We can't wait to get in there!

We are ready to move in. Renting pretty much stinks but we're dealing with it. I am ready to unload all my boxes and get into this deal. They should be putting up toekicks and getting into the tile very soon. The neighbors are ready for this deal to be done, whew! I sure am ready to have an office at home too! The littlest one is having a hard time sleeping in her "scary" room so we're ready for her to have her own room. Elmo and Darth Vader have that effect on people.

On another random note, there is another house going up on our street, stucco and brick. I wish stucco would go out of style. These builders don't give a crap about the aesthetic of the neighborhood. We are supposed to get signatures to have a two story house and they didn't do it. The funny thing is, as a branding guy, it seems like if the guy walked around one night, introduced himself and got some signatures we would welcome him, speak our mind but respect him. Basically, the guy has lost a lot of goodwill and we are thinking of suing him just to be a pain. We are also thinking of starting a HOA for Spring Oaks.

I think we should. We're vested in this neighborhood.

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