Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Walls Go Up – Happy Father's Day!

Last week was a big week. We finished MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and have started a number of things. The house now has the following:
  • All power and electrical
  • All Plumbing
  • Gas (don't laugh)
  • Low power for AV and Alarm
  • Sprinkler system (the neighborhood requires it)
  • Sheetrock is up and the first pass of tape and float is done!
We've picked paint colors, tile and most of the finishes. I think I'm picking the pavers tonight.

So the newest additions to the house are the stone around the chimney (they will do the outside of the house next week) and the cover on the roof of our cool front porch, we get a lot of compliments on the porch. BTW, we put a TV outlet on the front and back porch! We'll be in during college football season, man I can't wait. We are still on schedule for September, if the rain will hold for three more days the house will be water tight... we hope!

Front of the house so far

Here's the front porch!

Front porch ceiling, if you look close you can see where my speakers will go!

Hank, the neighbor, from our front porch. Fellow Red Raider!

My daughter and her friend in her bedroom

View of the living room from the entry

View for the living room from the landing

Stone on the chimney from the back door

The kitchen from the playroom

Beams and sheetrock in progress

What's under all the sheetrock, we're going for efficiency.

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