Friday, May 9, 2008

We Have a House!

Man this is cool but we have a house. A lot has happened since last we posted but all the windows are up and they should finish the rough in for the A/C duct work this week. They start plumbing and electrical next week. Holy cow! We've learned a number of things in the past week, not all bad!
  • Our loan misfortunes continue. While not horrible we found out that the Fed cutting the rate is not always good. Mortgage companies loan with bonds, bonds go up when the interest rate goes down this much. Thus, we are currently paying a bit higher rate than anticipated
  • Making changes after the fact is bad news. Check every detail. Nothing major but when you see a new house you think of all the things you forgot to discuss, everything, right there in front of you. Ugh.
  • The Government Stimulus Package has a provision for increasing the amounts of conventional loans so less people have to take out a second loan for purchases over $400K. The bummer for us is that it doesn't apply in Harris County! I'm calling my congressmen.
  • The back of my house is killer! Can't wait to see what the front looks like with the porch on it.
I'm pumped about our windows in the back. I'll add pictures later, for some reason it won't let me post them.

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